Respiratory Allergy


Respiratory system is one of the major system responsible for clinical manifestations of Allergy. Breathing is an essential part of life in which the respiratory system plays a very important role. Diseases affecting the respiratory tract are all too common, especially in damp, cold and drastically varying climates.

The respiratory tract consists of a branching network of air passages starting with the nose, into the lungs and ending up in the tiny air sacs. This branching network of air passages is readily susceptible to inflammation because its large surface area is constantly exposed to the generally polluted air that we breathe.


Usually we find that within a year after a child is born, he/she develops recurrent attacks of cough and cold which if not treated properly and timely increases in frequency and intensity. Also after in take of strong medicines, diseased condition gets suppressed and complicates further.


Recurrent attacks of Sneezing/Hay Fever – It occurs continuously or intermittently throughout the year, due to exposure to more or less every present allergen. It is marked by:

Recurrent attacks of sneezing

Nasal irritation with profuse discharge

Itching of eyes, palate and phary

Keeping the patient away from allergen gives temporary relief. Although the commonly used anti-allergic medicines do provide some relief from the symptoms of hay fever, they do have side effects such as drowsiness etc. which can hinder one’s daily routine. They also do not prevent or build up resistance to subsequent attacks of hay fever. Further, when taken continuously, the body stops responding to smaller doses, and in order to make sure that the medicine works, the dose is to be increased with a concomitant increase of the side effects.

Taking all these drawbacks into account, Bakson’s homoeopathy provides relief from hay fever without any side effects.

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