Est. 1979

Homoeopathic Health Clinic

Has been providing Holistic Health for almost 30 years, whilst understanding the importance to make the right choice for your health, when it comes to treating an illness.

We aim to keep Abreast of Research & to keep on providing the very best in latest Healthcare tools & now jointly with Verisana Lab – GERMANY, we aim to proved the the very best in Health Tests.

At our clinic we also provide health tests, allergy and food intolerance tests. It is known that some conditions are caused purely by the intolerance to the food in the patient’s diet.

Despite advances in modern medicine, many people are not feeling healthy.

What’s worse: frequently, it takes years until the underlying root causes are finally detected!

Verisana is more than just a lab – since 2012 we make it our mission to support you throughout the journey of improving your health and well-being.

From choosing the right test panel for your symptoms to helping with finding the best specialist practitioner for you – we are your partner in everything related to your health!


Professional Team

Behind Verisana is a team of experienced healthcare and laboratory professionals, making sure to maintain a high quality of laboratory testing across 6 markets.

Our homeopaths are registered and their practices regulated by the UK Homeopathic Medical Association –

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