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Children, with their developing immune system, are more susceptible to ailments or acute infections that keep surfacing from time to time. Paradoxically, parents are more prone to administering quick relief medication, not realizing that while the medication provides a quick-fix cure, it leaves behind a trail of adverse effects. More important – most ailments make nagging and frequent comebacks.


Strengthens immune system: Homoeopathic mediciens enhance the defense mechanism of the body, thus preventing recurring infections and other ailments.

Best for viral infections: Homoeopathy offers some of the best medicines for viral conditions like cold, influenza, measles, chicken pox, mumps, jaundice, viral meningitis, etc. Most of the commonly used allopathic medicines for such cases only offer symptomatic relief and do not combat the viral infections.

Nature: Prepared from herbs and minerals, Homoeopathic remedies are mild and harmless.

No side effects: Homoeopathy has no adverse effects and does not weaken the children’s developing immune system.

Alternative to surgery: Highly effective for conditions like recurrent tonsillitis, piles, fissure-in-ano, fistulae, appendicitis (except gangrene), chronic ear discharge, vocal chord nodules, polyp in nose/ear, kidney and biliary stones, warts, corns, etc. where allopathy offers only surgical cures.

Psychosomatic Ailments: Proven efficacy in the management of psychosomatic ailments such as anxiety, irritability, insecurity, obsessive traits, undue jealousy/suspicion, paranoia, depression, neurosis, etc.

Fast treatment: Ultra-minute doses and quick relief in acute conditions.

Homoeopathy Heals Holistically

Although no system of medicine can guarantee hundred percent cure for all ailments, Homoeopathy has over the time emerged as a highly effective from of medical science that offers holistic and lasting relief. It works on the principle that any disease is a net result of body and mind’s response to various kinds of biological attacks, which in fact disturb our entire being. Homoeopathic medication work on both the planes – mind as well as the body – to provide holistic cure. Over the years, Homoeopathy has earned immense credibility particularly for the management of diseases of newborn babies, neonates and young children. In fact, many paediatricians prefer Homoeopathy over other systems of medicine for their patients , as well as for their own children.

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