Frequent Questions on Homeopathy


[Ans] This is a very wrong notion and should not be entertained. There are no restrictions in touching Homoeopathic medicines provided the hands are clean. You can easily allow your little one to take them in hands before popping them in his mouth. Don’t worry!

[Ans] Homoeopathic medicines do not have the capacity to increase the weight of a person. There is nothing in the medicine to promote weight again. In case you do put on weight, please check your family history which may be responsible for the tendency to this problem. In such cases, it is important to exercise regularly and follow a proper diet.

[Ans] Homoeopathic medicines are safe to take and do not have side effects. They are so gentle that most people prefer to treat their children with this. Chronic health issues are often sorted with the gentle care of Homoeopathy. You should definitely try Homoeopathy for management of these recurring headaches.

[Ans] Conventional medicines can be taken safely along with Homoeopathic medicines, these are natural products so do not interfere, but there should be an hours gap in taking the medicines. In case you are on allopathic medicines, you should not discontinue it abruptly. The Allopathic dosage can be tapered off in consultation with the physician once improvement starts with the Homoeopathic medicines.

[Ans] We often encounter this question and the answer is fairly simple. In mild to moderate diabetic cases, Homoeopathy is safe and does not fluctuate. There is always an option of taking dilutions or liquid medicines. Infact globules are just a mode of dispensing, the actual medicine does not contain any sugar and will definitely not have an impact on the sugar level. So, now you can go ahead and try Homoeopathy.

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