Since childhood I have been suffering from Psoriasis. I have been taking conventional treatments for it but it keeps coming back. Sometimes I feel I will never be cured. I hate to go out and meet friends and socialize. People keep asking me about it and even when they are not looking at me I feel they are. I have heard that Homoeopathy is very good for skin disorders. I would like to try it but am scared of stopping my regular medicine. Can I take conventional medicines with the Homoeopathic medicines?

Conventional medicines can be taken safely along with Homoeopathic medicines, these are natural products so do not interfere, but there should be an hours gap in taking the medicines. In case you are on allopathic medicines, you should not discontinue it abruptly. The Allopathic dosage can be tapered off in consultation with the physician once improvement starts with the Homoeopathic medicines.